The Freddie and Sheila Show
2019 Schedule of Dates

**Be sure to call ahead if you are driving any distance.
Many shows sell advance tickets and shows sell out.  If you can't reach a contact person at the resort, call us at 306-960-7016

Freddie and Sheila will be teaching guitar lessons at the following resorts.  Free to residents of the resort, $10/lesson to out of park guitarists.  Beginner to advanced.  No pre-registering.  Bring your own guitar.
1)  Mission Bell Resort - 1700 E. Bus. Hwy 83, Mission, TX - Every Monday at 1pm Jan. 7-28
2)  Las Quintas Resort - 10442 N. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ - Feb. 18, 10am-12 pm  Guitar Workshop
3)  Citrus Gardens, 4065 E. University Dr., Mesa, AZ - South Hall Mar. dates TBA, Fridays, 1pm


Jan. 4, 7pm              Bentsen Palm Village  2500 S. Bentsen Palm Dr., Mission, TX  956-585-5568

Jan. 6, 6pm              Alamo Palms Resort, 1341 W. Bus. Hwy 83, Alamo, TX  320-344-1022

Jan. 8, 3pm              Dixieland Park         1325 S. Dixieland Rd., Harlingen, TX      402-430-6819

Jan. 12, 7pm            Paradise Park          100 E. Hackberry, McAllen, TX               816-878-4800

Jan. 13, 7pm            Magic Valley           2300 E. Hwy 83, Weslaco, TX                 514-903-4383

Jan. 14, 7pm            Rollin Homes Park   3131 N. Conway, Mission, TX                 218-234-3867

Jan. 18                     Alamo Country Club     PRIVATE EVENT

Jan. 19, 2pm            Magnolia Park         3707 E. Hwy 83, Donna, TX                    414-640-0994

Jan. 22, 7pm            Mission Bell            1711 E. Bus. Hwy 83, Mission, TX           956-585-4833         *Our Sponsor Resort in TX*

Jan. 25, 7pm            Lazy Palms              3500 Lazy Palms Dr., Edinburgh, TX       319-795-9024

Jan. 26,                     Sunset Palms Resort      Brownsville       PRIVATE EVENT

Jan. 27, 7pm            Lakewood                4525 Graham Rd., Harlingen, TX            956-423-1170

Jan. 28, 6:30pm       Mesquite RV Park   11924 W. Bus. 83, LaFeria, TX                956-357-8686

Jan. 31, 7pm            Lagoons Resort       600 Enterprise Dr., Rockport, TX            361-729-2966

Feb. 1, 7pm             Southern Oaks        1850 TX Hwy Bypass, Aransas Pass, TX  586-206-1499


Feb. 6                      SKP Saguero Co-op Benson, AZ  PRIVATE EVENT

Feb. 8,                       Islander Resort, Lake Havasu.  THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED BY THE RESORT

Feb. 15, 7pm           Sunridge Resort      10347 E. 34th St., Yuma, AZ                  928-345-4280

Feb. 16, 7pm           Desert Paradise      10537 S. Ave. 9E, Yuma, AZ                    928-210-7737

Feb. 20, 7pm           Gila Mountain         12325 S. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ           928-342-1310

Feb. 21, 7pm           Caravan Oasis         10500 N. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ          928-342-6134

Feb. 24, 7pm           Las Quintas Resort  10442 N. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ          928-342-6668         *Our Sponsor Resort in Yuma

Feb. 28                    Indian Waters         Indio, CA     PRIVATE EVENT                                                          *Our Sponsor Resort in CA

Mar. 2, 7pm            Catalina Spa            18800 Corkill Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 760-660-4173

Mar. 3, 7pm            Fountain of Youth   1500 Spa Rd., Niland CA                         760-502-6450

Mar. 7, 7pm            Caliente Springs      70200 Dillon Rd., Desert Hot Springs, CA 760-329-8400

Mar. 8, 7pm            Sky Valley                74711 Dillon Rd., Desert Hot Springs, CA 760-329-8400

Mar. 10                   High Chaparral        Casa Grande, AZ     PRIVATE EVENT

Mar. 13, 7pm          Bonita Mesa            9400 N. Frontage Rd., Yuma, AZ            928-342-2999

Mar. 17, 2pm          Tucson Estates        5900 W. Western Way Circle, Tucson, AZ  520-578-0335

Mar. 19, 7pm          Countryside             2701 S. Idaho Rd., Apache Junction, AZ  970-518-1031

Mar. 22, 7pm          Sunwest Resort       450 W. Sunwest Dr., Casa Grande, AZ   206-276-8105

Mar. 25, 7pm          Venture Out            5001 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ                     480-832-9000


Thanks to our sponsors:
 Mission Bell Resort, Mission, TX, Las Quintas Resort, Yuma, AZ,  Indian Waters Resort, Indio, CA,  Citrus Gardens Resort, Mesa, AZ, 
Consider booking at one of these fabulous resorts this winter!